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You got caught in individual differences. You got caught in the projection of your own desires outward. Because that's what The Universe is: its the projection of our desire systems. You're living in an entirely different universe than I am. And, our universes are determined by what our Karma is; by what our attachments, our clingings, are. If you and I go through a small town and you are hungry, you'll notice Pizza parlors and doughnut shops and restaurants; and, if I go through the town and there's a strange sound in my engine which there often is, I'll notice repair shops and gas stations, and, at the end of the town, you and I really went through different towns! So, from my point of view, the World, being in the World but not of the World, the World is a series of experiences that are given to me in order to awaken out of the illusion of my own separateness. Because I am not this body. I am in this body and this is part of my incarnation and I honor it, but, this is not who I am.
— Transcript from interview with Ram Dass
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